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...OR "nay" if you wanna save yourself the extra syllable.

I'm a Game Designer living in London currently studying Game Development: Design at Falmouth University! My focus as a designer lies in ensuring great game feel for a fun and digestible player experience.


I'm a T-shaped designer who specialises mostly in systems design. I focus on documenting, implementing, and balancing gameplay systems and mechanics as well as practicing an agile mindset through iterating on prototypes based on my vision and outside feedback.

UI/UX design, 2D art, and level design are other strong points and tasks I enjoy taking part in.

My interests lie in creating playful and impactful experiences, something that has not changed since I was first inspired by the games that shaped me at an early age. Outside of development, I put other interests to use through 2D/3D art, messing around with music and audio, and of course playing games for both inspiration and fun.

Feel free to take a look at the Projects I've worked on!

Or click the button below to view my CV/Resume

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not a silhouette dude or
a worm in real life much to
my own disappointment...

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