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A little corner for the mix of smaller or unfinished projects, personal projects and game jams! The greats and not so greats, they're all small pieces that define me and my journey as a designer - warts and all!

BR - Env. 1

Bone Rush

Bone Rush was a first year project and my very first experience with team projects. The game is a first person 3D dungeon crawler where you can fight the final boss at any time with the press of a button.

I designed levels and balanced values of enemies in collaboration with another designer.

This project was my first taste of working on a larger project with a group of people - it definitely wasn't perfect, but with a tweak on scope the concept had a lot of potential. 


Get Along! 
Game Design Document

Get Along! was a concept I designed for a wacky 2D co-op game.

This was one of the first proper means of exercising my ability to plan and document overall game concepts and mechanics - I created illustrations to help further get across my vision for the game.

Get Along! is a 2 player co-op platforming RPG game where you must throw, shove and kick your best friend over pits and through obstacles to reach the end of courses.

Encounter enemies to trigger turn based combat and time attacks with your partner for incredible combos.

This concept is something I still have on my mind and would love to get down to making some day - driving your friends insane in a co-op game is one of life's simplest joys.

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